Next Care

My next Care is an iPhone and Android app and content management platform designed for patients with multiple sclerosis to “mobilize” a patient’s medication regimens and improve their adherence.
By connecting medication reminders, daily wellness trackers and personalized, relevant MS-related information, patients will be more engaged and feel a greater sense of support during illness.
Cheerful colors were used for a joyful and comforting digital experience for the patients.

UI Design, Mobile App – 2016

APP Features

Medication schedule manager with reminder functions; Injection site management function; App “push” notifications and reminders; Wellness tracking for improved patient participation; Patient support through inspiration and helpful hints; Great design, simple interface that is easy-to-use; Journal feature for patients to record treatment progress; Side effects management strategies.

Client: Biogen
Project: My Next Care
Category: UI Design . Mobile App

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